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 Medicine topic

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PostSubject: Medicine topic   Sat Jul 30, 2016 1:49 pm

Yellow Seaweed-Yellow seaweed can be found on beaches. This seaweed cures sore throats and can be used as a bandage. Warning : This herb is poisonous if not administrated proply.

Clam shells: Clam shells can be used to cure bellyaches. Warning: This can scratch the throat if sharp. Thus this must be coated In Prey.

Driftwood: Driftwood could be used for sleep. Sometimes, for queens, the lovely smell of wet wood is enough to make them fall asleep. Dangers: This item could be dangerous by its splinters. The splinters could be swallowed by hatchlings and could choke them. Also, wetting a stick will have the same effect.

Palm leaves: Palm leaves are found anywhere that has a beach or desert. This is used to cure Shurkencough, brings down fever heat and smoothe's wounds. Hard to find!

Violet: Violet is found in rainforests. This is used to cure Chills. This is rare to find.

Prickly pear: Prickally pears can be found in deserts and sometimes the jungle and is used to cure Fever and sawbelly. This is also a weak remedy for Shadowdeath. This is rare to find! Remove prickles before eaten.

Blue Bottles: Blue Bottles can be found anywhere which has a beach. This can be a mild cure for poison. Dangers: This can be poisonous if not administrated Correctly.

Fish Scales:

Bone Marrow: Bone marrow can be used as a cure for Mather. This has to be coated in Prey to be eaten. Warning: This can scratch the throat.

Sunflower seeds: These can be used as pain relief. Dangers: Too much can make the lizard drowsy and can affect the nerves system.

Hibiscus: For all but Komodos. Found in the jungle . This Heals wounds and mend sbroken bones. Easy to get because it is low to the ground

Milkweed: All uses. Found everywhere. Used to cure Sawbelly and chills. This is Easy to get.

Rosemary: All uses. Found almost everywhere. Used to cure fever and shock. This is Easy to get.

 Lavender: Only found in Chameleon territory. Can be chewed and the juices will mend broken bones. Easy to get

Grass: This is the easiest of the herbs to get. This reduces stress and can be used to calm down inflammation.

Cactus Juice: This is made from crushing cactus. This is used for reducing the chance of infections. Hard to find with out getting pricked.

Warm Pebbles: This is a cure for a cold. This is medioum to find. Put the pebble under the sun for a hour. They put it on their snouts to clear their sinuses

Leaves: Some leaves can be used as a bandage instead of seaweed.

Cobwebs: Cobwebs can be used as bandages instead of seaweed.

Random generator events:
1-10: Shaowdeath Or Shurkcough

11-20:Deathcough or Fever

61-70 Mather


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Medicine topic
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