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 Saga, Stinger, Swift and Maple

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PostSubject: Saga, Stinger, Swift and Maple   Sat Jul 30, 2016 2:21 pm

Name: Mayple
Gender: Female

Tribe/Species: Bearded Dragon
Powers: Fire control
Accessories: A Platinum necklace lined with Emeralds
Rank: Queen
Color: Blueish silver
Fighting: 6
Hunting: 8
Any other appearance descriptions: Long tail, very long legs and short claws.

Name: Swift
Gender: Male

Tribe/Species: Iguana
Powers: Fire fang
Accessories: A gold necklace with ruby gemstones
Rank: Warrior
Color: Dark Green
Fighting: 9
Hunting: 6
Any other appearance descriptions: Has a very long tain and neck.

Name: Stinger
Gender: Male

Tribe/Species: Bearded Dragon
Powers: Can grow plants
Rank: Warrior
Color: Stinger is a dark beige bearded dragon with darker paws and tail. He has dark orange eyes.
Hunting: 10
Any other appearance descriptions: Long tail and short legs.
Stinger is a fiercely loyal lizard. He will do anything for his friends and will try to save anyone. he is dangerous to others who attack his group. He will do anything for his mate and hatchlings.


Komodo dragon
Water control
Saga is a brownish green komodo dragon with green eyes.
She is very good at hunting and fighting.
She wears a golden leg cover made of gold that makes her claws sharper.
She has a long tail and short legs.
Saga is a fun-loving and silly Female Komodo dragon. She loves to chase others and is very stubborn. She never brags and is a fiercely loyal friend. She will kill anyone who hurt her family and group and will always be ready for a fight.

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Saga, Stinger, Swift and Maple
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